Plays the music like there’s no tomorrow
In a place where they just borrow
In a minute, they just decide it theirselves
Well I’m asleep but they don’t care
What if I speak at them?
Would they care?
Consider your limitations
If ever you don’t want any sensations
And stumble with a different person
Put yourself in a right station
Get away with your unrespectful decision
I’m having my siesta but such distractions
Do they really want a combustion?
Stop with your pretty much thick face
If you don’t want to be seized
Better make yourself mazed
Than putting away yourself a guest



You made it but you break it
You played me but you broke me
You tried to but I don’t wan’t to
You called me but you didn’t caught me
You ask me but myself isn’t a fool of me
You didn’t know but I just let you know

You feel it? I’ll make you feel
You think it’s only you? Don’t be twisted
You got what you want? I’ll give you one
You thank me? Oh it’s nothing for me
You make me an option? Well I played it
You dragged me? Hey, realize it yourself

You got a day with wheels
You got a day with dimwits
You got a day with option
You got a day to think
You got a day to love
You got a day to loose

You think I gave it all?
You think I gave up miles away?
You think I cried for you?
You think I realized I’m wrong?
You think I am sick of you?
You think I crawled?

Before I drowned for you
I set my standards high for you
I will save myself from you
I have got to love myself than you
I won’t punish myself just for you
I have my future but not with you

Your words are still not good
Your actions are predictable
Your hands are nothing
Your eyes are sideways
Your mind is twisted
Your one who never learned

Searching for the truth

I have been thinking about things and here is the thing. When people say something about a situation, I have always been rebutting them inside my mind. Feeling that my perspective is very different from them. An instance is that when they become so positive about a particular condition. I have been refuting it in my mindset that this is not supposed to be like this. For the reason that you have to be who you really are in the society. Wherein it is something that you should really be. Don’t be so afraid to be liable of your own actions or say, because it will always go smooth if you will just go with the flow. It is very hard to tell my ideals about this circumstances because I have been exploring my mind, thinking that is my perspective different or I am just simply wrong? But I think I am not. Because nothing will be counted as wrong when you know to yourself that what you believe in is right. You always have to fight for your voice. Let us make it ourselves the best way when we do not understand it the way they do. I have been so pragmatic with so many conotations. Wherein I always reason out for what is around there lying. Hence, I feel like it always have its own uniqueness that it has to be. Wherein let us not be so isolated with our mentalities but rather be diversified. Do not just agree with things if you think it is better like this. Give your ideals to the spectrum of the society. It is not hard to believe with your stance. You need to put it out and embrace the truth that you will give an impact to the community. And that is how what it should be, because that is what I believe in. Well it is not a bad thing to reminisce and give a say about things only if you get the point of being prideful.

Imagine this

The feeling when you tried to embrace what has already been encompassing like it already resides to your betterment but then after all those feelings you actually had, suddenly it subsides because of certain happenings that was honestly I think will always happen but then isn’t it questionable that if something comes, why did it just leave so easily like nothing happened as if that is not a part of your experience. People just come at you frantically when they need you but when they already get what they needed from you, they just go and say thank you but if you needed them, are they always their to give you such an importance that you altruistically deserve? After all it resides from the depth of your very own compassion. As if your own dignity was used just to let out your feelings about a particular person but then if this is the only thing that is going to happen, let us not allow ourselves to be dimwits. It’s better to ensure our future and stay with individualism first rather than thinking about your feelings to others and care about them. Maybe life isn’t perfect that is at your standards but if things get so complicated, let us just do the things or decision that could possibly go to the very aim of your future rather than your own mentality. Let us take out our pride about our decisions that aren’t even necessary, let us just make it for the betterment of our position in the present because who you are today is what you are next time, so most probably logically learn from all those that is encompassing around especially the problems that you need to solve. This is actually dedicated for my future which I don’t wanna leave unnerving because I want it true, I won’t allow anything or anyone to put a hinder to my goal. Most specifically I want a better life than I have right now, just a better life, maybe it’s not the one but I believe all things could go smooth if you would be so productive on the run. Be enlightened, be strong guys and most especially believe in yourself not make believes. Thank you!





The depths of my reality

I was tortured

I was nothing

They treat me no one

I felt the pain

Cause I’m not worth it

I hate to say it

But I wanna do it

Oh please have mercy

To those who feel it

They won’t do it

If you help them

With your own will

To save souls

From bombarding judgement

Oh I’m not lucky

So please make me

Another life I want it

I was there

But not here

I felt unloved

My destiny away

My family gone

My souls crippled

In the dust I lived

No water to soak

I’m free

That’s what I dreamed

There’s good in me

But nothing they see

I felt alone

They took away

They all did it

Those people

Doesn’t recognize me

Doesn’t care for me

Doesn’t love me

Doesn’t cheer for me

They chose others

Rather than me

Cause they doesn’t

Oh they doesn’t

In times of emptiness

I’m always alone

I’m always no one

I’m always wrong

They make it done

They just stood nothing

Together we’re friends

What a rendezvous place is this letter to say

Greetings of gratitude to you and heresays

Merits we gain from the start of the year

Moments we’ll treasure as part of our year

Together we bond together we stay

Its like the rainbow with its wonderful rays

Colorful lines of laughing times

With joy our relationship’s one of a kind

Embrace and nurture the lasting smiles

I’m glad and proud that you are here

Pleased to express that I’m happy we’re friends

Delightful to have a friend like you who says

Resemblance we treasure steady and great

-lovelots to XI Grace(HUMSS) University of Saint Anthony